Spunbond Three Beam SSS

The Three Layer Non Woven Fabric Can Be Special Treated To Make It Hydrophilic, Water-Repellent, Anti-Alcohol, Anti-Blood, Anti-Oil, Etc., And Can Be Widely Used In Hygiene And Medical Industries.

Technical Specification

Part One: Production Line Request

  1.     Product width:2400/3200/4200mm(effective width)
  2.     Maximum roll diameter:2M
  3.     Main raw material:Polypropylene chip
  4.     Production line adopts the technology of slit negative pressure stretching.
  5.     Procedure:Procedure diagram for spunbond:

PP chips tank A -- pneumatic conveying -- extruder melting -- filtering -- spinning -- stretching -- web forming  -- calendar bonding -- winding -- offline slitter

Part Two: Machine Standard Instructions

  1.     Feeding system and dosing system:  3 sets
  2.     Main extruder :  3 sets  
  3.     Recycle extruder       
  4.     Hydraulic screen change device :  3 sets
  5.     Spinning Die Body:   3 sets
  6.     Monomer:   3 sets
  7.     Cooling, stretching device:  3 sets
  8.     Web former: especially designed for catching fibers Electrical control system, critical parts imported, relay, contactor and as such adopt high quality electrical material which are made by high quality brand
  9.     Steel structure:  1set
  10.     Two rollers calender:  1set
  11.     Winder:  1 set
  12.     Full set high-speed off-line slitter
Effective Width GSM Range Max. Speed Annual Capacity Daily Capacity
2400MM Line 8-100 600 m/min 6800 Tons/Year 19 Tons/Day
3200MM Line 8-100 600 m/min 9000 Tons/Year 25 Tons/Day
4200MM Line 8-100 600 m/min 12000 Tons/Year 33 Tons/Day

Three-Beam Spunbond Non woven Fabric Making Machine Process Flow

Spunbond Three Beam SSS 

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