Combining the advantages of textile and melt blown technology, the produced non-woven fabric has better performance and quality. We can produce non-woven fabrics with different fiber compositions and characteristics to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Nonwovens: the environmentally friendly choice

Today, when environmental protection is becoming increasingly important, nonwovens have become the material of choice for environmental protection. The manufacturing process does not require large amounts of water, which reduces environmental pollution. Durable and reusable, reducing waste generation. Recyclable and reusable, extending the life cycle, in line with the concept of circular economy. Whether it is shopping bags or industrial materials, choosing nonwovens is a contribution to the earth.

EXCLUSIVE WRAPPING DESIGN: Optimized Packaging Solutions

Our exclusive winding design is designed to provide a more optimized packaging solution, working to reduce packaging waste and to increase shipping efficiencies.

Through sophisticated design and craftsmanship, we are able to compactly wind products together, minimizing the amount of packaging material required. This not only helps to reduce packaging costs, but also reduces the amount of space taken up during transportation, reduces the number of shipments, and therefore reduces carbon emissions.

PET Fabric Line

Technical Specifcation Part One : The Design Conception Of This Project ls As Following: Wet -- PET -- chips -- transport -- crystallization -- dry -- transport dry chips -- melting and extruding -- f ...
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