What Are The Components Of Non-woven Machinery And Equipment?

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1. The drum part of non-woven machinery equipment, the cotton opening roller is an important component of the machine, consisting of a simplified body, angle nails, flanges, hollow shafts, etc. The angle nails installed on the cylinder are arranged in a spiral shape. The raw materials fed from the cotton inlet enter along the tangent direction of the beating machine. Under the action of the rear fan, they rotate around the outer surface of the mixer. Its advantage is that it prolongs the residence time of raw materials in the machine and increases the number of times raw materials are hit. Therefore, good loosening effect and high impurity removal efficiency have become one of the significant characteristics of this machine. Another notable feature of this non-woven equipment is the opening strength, which is the speed of the opening roller and has online adjustment function. In order to facilitate the formulation of process parameters, the punching strength is divided into 1-10 levels and automatically converted to the speed of the punching and pulping machine (480-960 R/min, with a speed difference of about 48 per level) through PLC program. The operation of the punching and pulping machine frequency converter is controlled to achieve online adjustment of the pulping machine speed. Change the speed of the beater and stop to replace the pulley.

2. Compared to non-woven machinery, its superiority is self-evident. The dust removal grid device is the main component of non-woven equipment, consisting of a dust removal rod, an adjustment plate, a connecting rod mechanism, and a stepper motor. The dust rod is divided into two groups, left and right, with an initial installation angle of 10 'and a maximum angle of 40'. This machine drives a linkage mechanism through two stepper reduction motors to synchronously adjust two sets of dust rods. The installation angle of the dust rod can be set to seven levels on the control panel according to the raw material conditions and process requirements. The installation angle difference between different levels is 5. Similarly, the installation angle of the dust rod has been changed to online adjustment.

3. The cleaning device is an indispensable component of non-woven machinery, mainly composed of a cleaning box and a cleaning operator. The garbage collection bin is a stepped container, with garbage handlers installed at the bottom. Thug is a 6-blade blade driven by a gear reduction motor through a roller chain. The garbage treatment status can be set to continuous or intermittent garbage treatment through online adjustment (the garbage treatment time and interval can be set arbitrarily according to process requirements). One side of the garbage collection bin is connected to a garbage discharge (lint absorption) pipe, through which lint impurities can be sucked into the dust filtration system. The bottom is equipped with a drum that can be pulled out of the machine to observe the cotton drop situation.

4. Pneumatic control system for non-woven machinery equipment: When the square fan is not started, the cotton opening drum cannot be started, which can effectively prevent traffic congestion, avoid machine damage, and maintain normal production.

5. The electrical control system of non-woven machinery equipment adopts Siemens S7-200 series PLC for automatic control. Logic control, calculation, and operation are carried out through the CPU226 programmable controller and TD200 display panel. The TD200 display panel can directly input the speed of the thug, the angle of the dust screen, the cleaning time, and the cleaning interval. During the debugging phase, the actions of each part can be manually operated to visually display the machine's operating status, fault location, and cause, while also issuing an alarm. The high quality PLC and intuitive I/O not only improve the reliability and stability of the entire machine, but also make all operations simpler and faster.

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