Meltblown Fabric Line

Melt-Blown Non-Woven Fabric Is Characterized By Excellent Filterability, Shielding, Heat Insulation And Oil Absorption. It Can Be Used In Thermal Insulation Materials, Filtration Materials, Medical And Health Materials, Oil-Absorbing Materials, Sound Insulation Materials, Etc

Technical Specifcation

Part One : The Design Conception Of This Project ls As Following:

PP chip tank -- Air transport device -- Extruder melting -- Filtering -- Spinning -- Hot air -- Web form -- Winding.

Part Two: Products Specifcation And Quality Standard

  1. Product base weight range: 20-100g/㎡
  2. Quality Standard: According to International standard of M production line
  3. Chips requirement:  polypropylene chip 1500 MFI

Part Three :Main Equipments

  1. Central control system of machine:formed by touch screen (SIEMENS) and software
  2. Feeding system: three-component batching device
  3. Extruder   
  4. Hydraulic filter: adopt electric heating.
  5. Meltblown head    
  6. Steel platform structure
  7. Web former with type of cylindrical suction duct
  8. Winder with on line cutter:Winder can set the length, automatic doffing
  9. Electro static device   
  10. Vacuum Annealing oven    
  11. Ultrasonic cleaning machine  
Effective Width GSM Range Max. Speed Annual Capacity Daily Capacity
1600MM Line 20-100 100 m/min 850 Tons/Year 2.5 Tons/Day
2400MM Line 20-100 100 m/min 1300 Tons/Year 4 Tons/Day
3200MM Line 20-100 100 m/min 1700 Tons/Year 5 Tons/Day
4200MM Line 20-100 100 m/min 2300 Tons/Year 7 Tons/Day

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